Celebrating 10 Years of Startup Adventures

  • Everyone has permission to try
  • Technical skills come and go, attitude is for life
  • Keep your spark and curiosity, it’s what makes you valuable. Nurture and protect it
  • Health and well-being are paramount. Invest in them for yourself and others
  • Leading is by example
  • Turning up when things are bad, as well as good, is a chunk of the battle
  • No stumble is fatal, give yourself time to regroup and then stand back up
  • Insight is formed through varied inputs + processing + pattern recognition
  • Resilience is just saying “I can” and going round again
  • Don’t confuse technical knowledge (which is learnt) with capability (which is a combination of attitude and aptitude)
  • Our perception of ourselves is not a reflection of others’ thoughts about us
  • Sometimes you must just do it, irrespective of the evidence or the perceived wisdom of what you’re going to do
  • Doubt is normal, acknowledge it, try to mitigate it and keep going
  • Investing in people is the best; generosity with time and support of others multiplies your impact
  • Culture keeps you afloat when the seas are stormy
  • It’s okay to feel unfinished; unlearning/learning and adaptability are so important
  • Don’t be afraid to try out alllllllllllllllllll the hats
  • Have confidence, beware of overconfidence and believe you’ll figure it out (or learn a lot trying to)
  • Listen, you’ll learn a lot more. The more you learn the more connections you make and patterns you’ll see
  • You define your work (not the other way around)
  • Get out of your head and into the real world
  • Being human and having empathy is a firm foundation, your whole self does not need to be hidden
  • Whatever the challenge, lightheartedness makes it sustainable
  • Timebox everything, whether it has a deadline or not
  • You’re freer to choose than you think, or are sometimes led to believe



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Adam Oskwarek

Adam Oskwarek


I help build and grow things on the internet. Product + People + Growth. Together we can go further. “chief climate officer” @ Zopeful.com