What’s the point of Fintech?

No one left behind

Emotions, Building Balance & New Asset Classes

The Great Dream is still alive

  • How do we “hack wealth” through technology?
  • How impactful will our efforts to educate, inform, incentivise and reward people about building their wealth over time be?
  • How do we help them understand risk or mitigate and rebalance it for them?
  • How do we put people in control of their own destiny to tap into wealth and the freedom it provides those with it?
  • How do we all support those less well off than you to see the benefits?
  • Are we collectively (whether traditional or emerging) doing enough?



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Adam Oskwarek

Adam Oskwarek


I help build and grow things on the internet. Product + People + Growth. Together we can go further. “chief climate officer” @ Zopeful.com