Zopeful.com Carbon Removal Portfolio Purchases

Adam Oskwarek
2 min readMar 24, 2023


Zopeful.com Carbon Removal Portfolio — Purchases March 2023

I’m excited to announce that Zopeful Climate are starting our carbon removal portfolio purchases from March 2023.

Whether you’re an individual looking to remove carbon related to your lifestyle, or a company wanting to invest in durable removals to compensate for your emissions for your Net Zero plan, you can!

Our Portfolio-1 aims to be 70% durable — with a permanence of 500 years or more — carbon removal and storage. Check out our methodology for more detail.

Whatever your budget you can join our curated and ready-made portfolio of high quality CDR now.

You’d be joining alongside other awesome humans from the US, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany and Spain.

Partner announcements coming soon.

Initially, there’s a couple in each different solution area that cover our main removal groupings — nature-based, tech-enabled and engineered solutions — that are important to grow alongside global decarbonization efforts.

For more information on our Carbon Removal Portfolio-1, scroll to the bottom for the link!

Thanks to everyone who’s joined the portfolio already, or been on one of our climate science-backed courses. You’re our heroes. All your good vibes have absolutely enabled us to get to this point!

This is just the start! We’ll be increasing the frequency of purchases and range of solutions as the portfolio grows.

Visit our site for more information on Zopeful Climate’s Carbon Removal Portfolio.

Have hope, make progress 💚

Adam & Team Zopeful



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